About Author and Coach Bonnie Foust

I have been teaching and working with children since 1976. I hold a Masters degree in education from Rockford University, and have taught children from pre-school through high school, in regular and special-education classrooms. I have also worked with adults and businesses, teaching team-training and life skills.

As a community organizer, I have been working to make new and innovative ideas a reality in my community for many years. In 1979 I helped found the Wee Care preschool, which provided quality, affordable childcare for 32 years. In 1984 I started a local food cooperative that continues to bring otherwise unavailable healthy and organic foods to the community. In 1999, I was instrumental in founding the Winneshiek Summer Children’s Theater Workshop, which is still running, and was a recipient of the Illinois Governor’s Hometown Award.

I took the leap into civil service when I was elected Shannon Village President in 2009 as the first female to hold the position in my hometown. Now, in my second term, I continue to enjoy working with the community to map out a bright future for our village.

I have been an E.F.T. practitioner since the 1990’s and have developed a unique holistic approach to life-coaching and emotional healing for students of all ages. I believe every person has the ability to learn how to live a fulfilled and prosperous life through the management of conscious and unconscious emotions that direct our lives. I work with clients to neutralize negative emotional baggage and free them to live the life they desire.